34,990.00 ₽
  • Generic Comfort Activ2/N is a computer desk with a height-adjustable tabletop. Adjustment is carried out using a mechanism with one electric motor in the range of 70-118 cm. Due to this, you can now work at the computer not only while sitting, but also standing. A special ergonomic niche in the front of the tabletop allows you to fully rest your elbows on the table, which prevents hand fatigue during prolonged work at the computer.
    Height adjustment: 70-118 cm.Height change rate without load: 30 mm/s.Height change rate with load: 20 mm/s.Noise level: 35 dB.

  • Марка Generic Comfort
    Серия Active2
    Цвет Черный
    Размеры столешницы 130x85 см
    Размеры ниши в столешнице Трапеция с основаниями 40 и 55 см, высотой 20 см
    Регулировка по высоте 70-118 см
    Вес нетто 42 кг
    Гарантия 2 года