46,990.00 ₽
  • Generic Comfort Activ3/N is an ergonomic computer desk with adjustable height. Height adjustment is carried out using the built-in electric drive easily and quickly, and thanks to its wide range, you can now work at the computer both sitting and standing. A special niche in the tabletop makes it possible to completely put your elbows on the table, and not keep them on weight.
    Height change rate without load: 25-38 mm/s.Height change rate with load: 20-25 mm/s.Noise level: 25 dB.

  • Марка Generic Comfort
    Серия Active3
    Цвет Черный
    Размеры столешницы 150x85 см
    Размеры ниши в столешнице Трапеция с основаниями 40 и 55 см, высотой 20 см
    Регулировка по высоте 65-130 см
    Вес нетто 50 кг
    Гарантия 2 года