52,990.00 ₽
  • Generic Comfort Uno is an ergonomic table that allows you to change the position of the user during work. Now you can work at the computer sitting, reclining and even standing or on the move, for example, doing on the track. The table is electrically adjustable in height, allowing you to adjust to your height quickly and silently. The tilt-adjustable tabletop will provide comfort to the hands and forearms when working in a reclining position. Complete with a table there is a tray for the network filter. Also in our online store you can purchase a monitor bracket and a vertical cable channel for the table.

  • Марка Generic Comfort
    Серия Uno
    Цвет Черный
    Размеры столешницы 150x90 см
    Размеры наклонного сегмента 100х65 см
    Размеры ниши в столешнице Трапеция с основаниями 40 и 55 см, высотой 20 см
    Регулировка по высоте 62-127 см
    Комплектация Стол, лоток для сетевого фильтра
    Вес нетто 50 кг
    Гарантия 2 года